Rahulihomes Upgrades Apartments to a Luxurious Level

Rahulihomes has taken a step towards even more luxurious apartments with the assistance of an interior designer. Despite receiving mainly excellent reviews from residents, the company’s owner, Janne Immonen, wanted to offer an even better experience. To achieve this, he turned to interior designer Kati, who transformed the bedrooms of the apartments with a 5-star hotel look.

The interior designer took on the challenge.

With the makeover, the apartments now feature new curtains, hotel-grade crisp white linens, and stunning Marimekko pillows. Each area of the apartments has been styled to create a more visually appealing and comfortable environment.

Rainy Day photographers Jere and Teemu have captured stunning images of the renovated apartments, allowing potential renters to see them at their best. 

Before After

Where can the apartments be booked?

Rahulihomes’ apartments can now be booked through their website, booking.com, Airbnb, hotels.com, and many other services. If you’re interested in a long-term stay, it’s a good idea to contact Rahulihomes directly for a special offer.

Check-in is available 24/7 according to your own schedule.

All apartments come with automatic locks, allowing for a seamless check-in process that accommodates your schedule without any unnecessary waiting or stress. This adds to the overall comfort and flexibility of your stay, allowing you to arrive and depart at your leisure.

The upgrade brings a5-star hotel feel to the everyday lives of Rahulihomes’ residents, creating a luxurious experience that sets their apartments apart from competitors. Whether it’s a short visit or an extended stay, the apartments now offer an even more inviting and cozy atmosphere where guests can enjoy their time and feel at home.

Explore Rahulihomes

Explore Rahulihomes’ offerings and find the perfect luxurious apartment that meets the needs and desires of even the most discerning guest. The apartments cater to business travelers, families, and individual tourists alike, with the updated interior design making them an even more attractive choice. Rahulihomes is committed to ensuring the satisfaction and well-being of its residents, and their updated apartment selection reflects this dedication to quality and luxury.

In addition to a beautiful and comfortable environment, Rahulihomes’ apartments provide all the necessary amenities and services, including high-speed internet, fully equipped kitchens, and laundry facilities. This allows you to enjoy your stay worry-free and focus on what matters most, whether it’s work, leisure, or spending time with family.

Don’t hesitate to check out Rahulihomes’ offerings and find the perfect apartment to enjoy memorable moments in a luxurious setting. For more information, visit www.rahulihomes.com

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