Furnished apartments Jyväskylä FAQ – Rahuli Homes



I want to book a room for tonight. Do you have availability?

You can book a room for the same evening directly through our website, and the site always shows the correct booking situation. When you book a room through the website, the system automatically sends instructions for check-in and room access.

How does accommodation at Rahulihomes in Jyväskylä work? How do I book a room?

At Rahulihomes in Jyväskylä, you can book an apartment from our website www.rahulihomes.com and check in around the clock (24/7) using your smartphone with a smart lock and access code.

How is the room paid for?

The reservation is made online and can be paid with a credit card, mobile payment, or online bank transfer. Payment is charged at the time of booking.

Can I pay by invoice?

Corporate bookings can be paid by invoice. We send an e-invoice for accommodations. If you want to pay by invoice, please contact us on weekdays. Evening and last-minute bookings can be made directly through the website. An invoice fee of 9 euros is added to the invoice.

Can I change or cancel a reservation?

Accommodation reservations made through our website can be canceled 7 days before check-in or according to the accommodation terms, while bookings made through booking, Airbnb are subject to their own booking terms. Longer-term accommodations are subject to agreement.

I have a discount code, what do I do?

Use the discount code when booking a room on our website. Enter the discount code in the designated field. Please note that discount codes only work on our website.




How does check-in to the apartments work?

All rooms have keyless entry via a smart lock. We provide check-in instructions, an access code, and the apartment number on the check-in day.
You can see here how entry is made, including how check-in works.

What should I do if the door code or smart lock doesn’t work?

Check the instructions here.

There is no PIN code keypad on the external door or apartment door. You can open the keypad with your phone, where you can enter the code. The PIN code and link will be sent to you on the day of booking at 14:05 via email and text message.

In case of problems, contact customer service via the website’s chat or by calling +358 50 5518 338.

What should I do if the PIN code doesn’t work?

Double-check the PIN code. Make sure the numbers are in the correct order.

If you booked through booking.com, make sure you use the code in the booking confirmation, not booking.com’s own PIN code.



Are pets allowed in the rooms?

Pets are not allowed in the rooms.


Where can I get help in case of emergencies?


For assistance, you can email us at [email protected]. You can also call/WhatsApp at +358 50 5518 338.

The property maintenance is handled by TL-Maint 24-hour emergency service at 0207622480.

Urgent matters to be addressed on the same day:

    • Unable to access the apartment
    • Water damage or threat of water damage
    • Safety risk in the apartment
    • Electrical issues
    • Disruption in water supply
    • Blocked drains
    • Entire room lighting
    • Non-functioning lock
    • Pests
    • Cleanliness issues

    Matters to be addressed within 3 days:

      • Non-functioning dishwasher or washing machine. You can use the machines available in the common areas if needed
      • Missing equipment
      • Furniture deficiencies
      • Light bulb replacements
      • Missing utensils. You can use the kitchen utensils in the common kitchen
      • Non-urgent faults

      My washing machine or another appliance in the apartment is not working. What should I do?


      Please send an email to [email protected]. You can also send a text/WhatsApp message to +358 50 5518 338.


      Where Are the Trash Taken?

      There is a separate trash shed outside in the backyard. You can access it from the back door on the 2nd floor. The door opens with the apartment keys from the gray box labeled Swingi.

      Does the room rate include cleaning?

      Yes. The rooms are cleaned after check-out. Please place all dirty dishes in the dishwasher before departure and put all trash in trash bags.

      Are towels and bed linens provided?

      Yes, they are. Clean bed linens and towels are available in the apartment.

      What other services are included in the room rates?

      You have complimentary wireless internet access and free parking for one car.

      Can I order breakfast?

      You can prepare breakfast yourself. There is a K-market opposite the apartment where you can buy breakfast supplies. Additionally, there is Sokos Hotel Paviljonki nearby where you can purchase breakfast.


      The apartment usually has coffee, cooking oil, salt, pepper, laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, and toilet paper. If these run out, you can buy more from the store opposite, and we do not replenish supplies during your stay.

      Is smoking allowed in the apartments?

      Smoking is not allowed in the apartments. There is a designated smoking area outside the building.

      Does Rahulihomes have parking spaces?

      Sauna-equipped apartments have a parking space in the parking garage. There are also paid parking spaces on the street, which can accommodate large vehicles. Additionally, there are parking spaces in the nearby exhibition center and Luakko. The building’s parking garage also has electric car charging stations, for which you need the ALVA app.

      Studio apartments do not have their own parking space in the parking garage. You can use the paid Paviljonki 1 or 2 parking garages, and there are also free parking spaces within a short distance in the courtyard in the evenings and on weekends.

      Below are the general parking areas in the Lutakko area.

      Those marked in blue are usually free, but please note that they often have time restrictions and require a parking disc. Parking is usually free in the evenings, at night, and on weekends. Please note that there may be changes to these.